Big Vintage Decorative Metal Bottle Shaped Wine Bottle Holder for Living Room, Dining, or Entryway


Product Overview

  • SIZE: 22.5" W x 3.25" D x 80.5" H
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Includes a cork holder and a place for wine cups
  • MATERIAL: Made out of durable metal and wood composition
  • SAFE: When stored, bottles sit horizontally so that wine comes into contact with the cork and stops it from drying
  • ASSEMBLY: Easy assembly, assembly instructions and all hardware included

Complete the decor of your room with this vintage wine holder. Composed out of durable  wood and metal material, this wine holder offers durability and practical function for continual use. Vintage metal and wood designed base and wine bottle shape create a decorative appeal to your room decor. Use this wine holder to store up to 18 wine bottles and and 4 glasses to keep your wine collection secure and handy.













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