Vintage Photography Props Ideas - The Ultimate List

Posted by Erica Pennyfeather on Jul 6th 2020

Vintage Photography Props Ideas - The Ultimate List

What is it about vintage style photos that make them a classic hit with all subjects? There’s a magical simplicity in worn out photos that brings back the joys of yesteryear. You can easily create your own DIY vintage photoshoot setting, with just a few vintage style props. You can find them in thrift shops, yard sales, or gramma’s attic. If you love the vintage affect but don’t care for musty items, you can purchase brand new vintage style props that look just like the real thing. Here are some must have vintage photo props:

Vintage Luggage

I recently stumbled upon an old fashioned suitcase in my grandparent’s home, and it immediately evoked imaginations of long voyages and faraway lands. Vintage luggage props will add a sense of travel and adventure to your photos, as well as instant “vintage” style recognition.

Antique Books

Books don’t have to be super old to convey an antique look. Any worn leather covers will look great in your photoshoot, as will yellowed newspapers, torn book sections, antique style book props.

Antique Electronics

If you’re lucky enough to possess an antique rotary phone, phonograph, camera, record player or typewriter, put it to good use as photo props. Recreation models are also available online or in home décor shops, so you can recreate the vintage feel in an easy way.

Picnic Baskets

Picnics are not quite a thing of the past, but a traditional picnic basket will add an old time charm to family photos, bringing back the reminiscence of a time when having a picnic in the park was a great adventure.

Trunks and Chests

In the olden days, trunks and chest were used as a storage furniture piece, as well as for occasional travel. Between the large selection of reproduction antique chests and trunks available at, there are several different styles that may suit your photography needs:

  • Steamer Trunks – are called this way because they were frequently used on steamer ships. Evokes a sense of travel and adventure.
  • Hope Chests – were traditionally used by young unmarried women to collect their dowry and trousseau, as they prepared for their next stage in life. Hope chests are great for family photos.
  • Treasure Chest – evoke images of rogue pirates and their hidden treasures. A favorite with kids or still life photos.

Other vintage props

To fill up empty space in your shoot and create an authentic vintage environment, consider some of the following props:

  • Wire Rim Glasses – lay down a pair of antique spectacles, or have your subject wear it.
  • Loose Flower Stems – some flowers have a decidedly vintage aesthetic. Roses and daisies work particularly well as vintage photo props.
  • Fountain Pens – offer a sophisticated touch, and pair well with antique look documents
  • Quills, Ink, and Scrolls – for a more serious antique look
  • Wax sealed envelopes – commonly found in craft stores
  • Leather journal – distressed leather bound journals offer a mystifying air. What secrets lay within?
  • Shoes – there are many styles of vintage shoes available, and displaying a random pair acts as a great space filler.
  • Wicker baskets – blend in nicely with the overall vintage effect.
  • Teddy Bears – are great for kids photos.
  • Tin Milk Cans – display one or several, perhaps with a flower stuck in.
  • Timepieces - small clocks or pocket watches

Are you ready to start snapping? Vintiquewise is all about vintage style home decor, so have fun exploring our large collection.