Straw Decorative Round Storage Basket Set of 2 with Woven Handles for the Playroom, Bedroom, and Living Room

Proposition 65 Warning:
This product contains formaldehyde known to the State of California to cause cancer or other cancer related illness.Please use with caution.Per Proposition 65 list.

Product Overview

  • SIZE: Large: 13" W x 13" D x 12" H, Small 11" W x 11" D x 11" H
  • DESIGN: The Woven 2 tone design makes it a stylish decoration  
  • DISPLAY: The built-in rope handles make moving on and off shelves easy
  • USE: Great for linen closets, dresser tops, display decor storage and more
  • IDEAL: Great for keeping your bedroom, entryway and hallway closets organized and clutter-free.

This woven cotton rope basket includes a set of 2 so you have more place to hold your precious belongings. The woven handle is designed to carry it easily around. It is the perfect idea to decorate your living room and to storage your toys, clothes, hamper and pillow holder.