Wooden Wine Barrel Shaped Treasure Chest Vintage Decorative Wine Holder, Cherry

Proposition 65 Warning:
This product contains formaldehyde known to the State of California to cause cancer or other cancer related illness. Please use with caution. Per Proposition 65 List.

Product Overview

  • Size: 15" W x 9" D x 10.25" H
  • Durable wood composition 
  • Studded detail and decorative latch for a rustic appeal
  • Ample interior storage space 
  • Use as a centerpiece decoration 

Complete the decor of your room with this vintage barrel shaped chest. Composed out of durable wood material, this treasure chest offers durability and practical function for continual use. Vintage wooden material, decorative latch, studded detail, and barrel shape creates a decorative appeal to your room decor. Use this storage trunk as a wine holder to store up to 4 wine bottles, or as a centerpiece display to keep bedroom or living room items organized.