A Guide to Gift Boxes and Baskets

Nothing is more thoughtful and appreciated than a one-of-a-kind gift. There’s something special about giving someone you care about a gift basket that you set up yourself, just for them, knowing they won’t already have one! To prepare for the gifting season, we have compiled a collection of exclusive Vintiquewise gift baskets and boxes, to help you create that magical gift arrangement. In addition to serving as a great base for your gift setup, the basket or box is a gift in itself! Here are some of our favorites:qi003008.main.jpg

Distressed Wood Wine Box

Make any bottle of wine look like an expensive gift with the exquisitely designed wine bottle holder. Its horizontal position allows for the wine to age properly, and prevents spoiling. Perfect gift for wine lovers!

Dresser Valet Leather Chest with Velvet Lining

The leather dresser valet provides ample storage to set up a striking gift arrangement. It’s super useful for organizing all the odds and ends that accumulate in your pockets, and its classic treasure chest design is liked by everyone.

rustic magazine holder

Woven Magazine Holder

Any bookworm would adore a rustic magazine holder, especially when filled up with a book or two and coupled with a cozy throw.

Picnic Basket Gingham Lined with Folding Handles

As a twist to the traditional gift basket, fill up a classic picnic basket with picnic food for two and create a winter picnic gift basket. 

Check out our full collection of gift boxes and baskets to find the perfect gift!