Cheers to Our Newest Wine Storage Racks

From the making to the displaying of wine, everything about it is classy. The newest collection of Vintiquewise decorative wine storage racks provide convenient and practical storage as well as charmingly elegant style, so you can showcase your wine collection. Here’s a closer look at some picks:

Wooden Violin Shaped Wine Rack-10 Bottle Decorative Wine Holder

The violin is undoubtedly one of the most graceful musical instruments. With its authentic details and rich finish, the violin wine rack will serve as an eye catching addition to your home décor. Five bottle spaces on each side of the wine rack allow you to showcase up to ten of your favorites.

Wooden Bottle Shaped Wine Rack-18 Bottle Decorative Wine Holder

The wine bottle that stores wine bottles – need we say more? Complete with a rich wooden finish and eighteen storage slots, this wine holder will add a whimsical touch to your home décor. The neck of the rack contains a single wine glass holder for a finishing touch, and the flat surface on top serves as a place for setting your glass when pouring.

Check out the full Vintiquewise wine storage rack collection! Whether you're looking for an extension for the wine cellar or just building out a small home bar ensemble, you’ll surely find the perfect pick.