Spotlight: Trunk Style Coffee Tables

Every living room needs a coffee table. Aside from practicality, it also adds a finishing touch to your home decor furnishing. Trunk-style coffee tables do not only infuse vintage charm in a room, they also provide practical storage for toys, extra throws and pillows, a couple of books, and anything that needs to be stored for a busy family.

When shopping for a large storage trunk to use as a coffee table, keep in mind its size. It’s crucial that it sits at a height similar to that of a typical coffee table, so that it sits at a comfortable height. Coffee tables typically reach slightly below seating level, to remain unobtrusive.

Choose a wooden trunk that provides visual interest, while blending in with your living room’s overall style. You’ll also want a trunk that’s large enough to provide sufficient hideaway storage – ideal when you’re short on space.

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