Creative Bottle Shaped Black Wine Holder Rack Holder for Dining Room, Office, and Entryway


Product Overview

  • SIZE: 17.75" D x 17.75" W x 70.75" H
  • DECOR: Accent decorative asset to your wine decor, to be placed in the dining room, office, and entryway and can be used by a wedding
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Includes a cork holder and can put on 10 wine cups on the spinner, 6 wine bottles in the spinner and about 20-30 wine bottles on the first shelf, or more...
  • DISPLAY: Use as a centerpiece decoration to your dining room, wine cellar or bar
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: All parts, hardware, and instructions required for assembly and installation are included

Complete the decor of your room with this vintage wine holder. Designed to be used in living space as well as storage areas, it provides convenient and practical storage as well as classic elegant style. It's the perfect decoration for a home, office, wedding, restaurant, or any place of your choice. Freestanding design keeps the wine stand steady and your wine collection secure.


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