Outdoor Clay Chimenea Sun Design Charcoal Burning Fire Pit with Metal Stand

Proposition 65 Warning:
This product contains formaldehyde known to the State of California to cause cancer or other cancer related illness. Please use with caution. Per Proposition 65 List.

Product Overview

  • Dimensions: 12" Diameter x 25.50" High
  • Adds vintage appeal to your outdoor décor
  • Clay absorbs heat and acts as the radiator
  • Ideal for your garden, patio, porch, or yard
  • Simple design yet striking and attractive
Create a warm inviting glow with this chimenea fire pit. The antique finish and smoke funnel with sun design gives this fireplace a contemporary look. Clay absorbs heat and acts as the radiator, its designed for their ability to withstand constant exposure to heat, cold, sun and moisture. Decorate your lawn and garden while adding a warm and cozy vintage charm!

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